Freddie Hubbard “First Light” Vinyl record +35 more Jazz! - general for sale - by owner - craigslist (2024)

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Freddie Hubbard “First Light” Vinyl record +35 more Jazz! - general for sale - by owner - craigslist (1)

condition: good

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Freddie Hubbard “First Light” 1971. CTI Records CTI 6013. VG. $15.
Freddie Hubbard “Here to Stay” 1976. The Blue Note Re-issue Series” Blue Label white “B”. BN-LA496-H2. United Artist Records. 2 LP’s. Cut bottom Jacket right corner. VG. $19.
Freddie Hubbard “Outpost” 1981. ENJA Records 3095ST. Made in West Germany. Like new. $27.
Freddie Hubbard “The Hub of Hubbard” 1972. BASF MB20726. Gatefold. Saw cut top left Jacket. Like New $18.
Freddie Hubbard “Keep your soul together” CTI Records CTI-6036. VG. $19.
Freddie Hubbard “Super Blue” 1978. Columbia Records JC35386. VG. $14.
Freddie Hubbard “Goin up”1973. Re-issue. Blue Note/ Liberty records 84056. Blue Label with black “B”. Like new. $27.
Freddie Hubbard “Backlash” 1973 Re-issue. Atlantic Records SD 1477. VG. $19.
Norman Connors "Dance of Magic" 1972. Cobblestone CST 9024. Very light wear jacket. VG+. One hairline vinyl, vinyl like new. Herbie Hanco*ck. Stanley Clark. Airto Moreira. $50.
Ron Carter presents Eric Gale in a Jazz Tradition. 1988. EmArcy 836 369-1. Nippon Phonogram Co. LTD. In Shrink. Excellent jacket. Vinyl like new, near mint or mint. $25.
Earl Klugh "Whispers and Promises" 1989. Warner Bros 1-25902. In shrink. Jacket and vinyl like new. $10.
Sadao Watanabe "Maisha" 1985. Elektra 60431-1. Light wear jacket. Original inner sleeve. Vinyl like new. $8.
Dexter Gordon "Generation" 1973. Prestige P-10069. Freddie Hubbard. Cedar Walton. Good jacket with cut top left corner. Vinyl like new. $10.
Lee Morgan "Search for the New Land" 1973. Blue Note/Liberty Records 84169. Blue Label with Black "B". VG $27.
Lee Morgan "The Gigolo" 1973. reissue. Blue Note/Liberty Records BST 84212. Blue Label with Black "B". VG $35.
Lee Morgan "Take Twelve" 1987. Jazzland Records OJC-310 (JLP-980) Like new. $27.
Lee Morgan "Lee Morgan" 1972. Reissue. Blue note BST 84901. Gatefold 2LP's White/Blue label with Black lettering. VG+ $38.
"The Tony Bennett Bill Evans Album" 1975. Fantasy Records F 9489 .Light scratch or scuff side one, otherwise vinyl like new. Cover shows wear with initials on back of jacket. Brown labels orange logo and text at bottom, no mention of "stereo". Misprint of track listings on jacket, sides swapped. VG+. $21.
Tony Bennett "For Once in my Life" 1967. Columbia LE 10057 Limited Edition Brown labels Stereo Vinyl like new $15.
Quincy Jones "Mellow Madness" 1975. A+M Records SP-4526. VG. $9.
Quincy Jones "The Dude" 1981. A+M Records SP-3721 VG. $11.
Chicago "Chicago Transit Authority" 1969. Columbia GP-8. Gatefold. 360 Sound. Some ringwear Jacket. Some light scuffs. Vinyl like new. 2 LP's. VG+. $15.
Bob James "Touchdown" 1978. Columbia Records JC 35594. "Angela(Theme from "Taxi"). Promo Gold Stamp. VG+ $10.
Wynton Marsalis "Hot House Flowers" 1984. Columbia FC 39530. Like New .$10.
Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy "I only have eyes for you" 1985. ECM 1296. VG+ Vinyl. $15.
SuperSax "SuperSax play Bird" 1973. Capitol ST-11177. Excellent vinyl. VG+. $5.
Stan Rubin "Dixie Goes Broadway" 1957. Coral CRL 57185. Jacket bottom seam split. Initials on jacket back. Vinyl scuffs and light scratches. $5.
Joe Henderson "Mode for Love" 1975. Blue Note BST-84227. Reissue. Stereo. Cut corner bottom right jacket. Some ringwear. Light scuffs. Small scratch side 1 second tune. Initials on jacket back. Black B labels. VG+. $19.
Woody Shaw "Little Red's Fantasy" 1978. Muse Records MR 5103. Initials on jacket back. Excellent vinyl. VG+. $15.
Woody Shaw "Rosewood" 1978. Columbia JC 35309. Promo. Name on front and back jacket (Small). Terre Haute pressing.
Excellent vinyl. VG+. $10.
The Cannonball Adderley Quintet "The Cannonball Adderley Quintet in San Francisco" 1960. Riverside RLP 12-311. Taped seams jacket. Initials on back of jacket. Lightly scuffed vinyl. $8.
Dexter Gordon "Generation" 1973. Prestige 10069. Cut corner jacket top left and small hole top right. Initials on jacket front. Vinyl like new. $9.
Charlie Barnet "A tribute to Harry James" 1959. Crown Records CST 146-2. Side seams split. Red vinyl.VG+. $5.
Woody Herman "Giant Steps" 1973. Fantasy records F9432. Initials on jacket back. very good vinyl. VG+. $5.
Keith Jarrett "My song" 1978. ECM ECM-1-1115.Initials on jacket back. VG+. $9.
Gary Burton Chick Corea "Crystal Silence" 1973. ECM 1024. Some scuffs. Initials on back. $9.

Only able to visually grade all vinyl.
Hundreds of vinyl records available from my collection.
Let me know what you are looking for. Mostly 1970’s and 80's.

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    Freddie Hubbard “First Light” Vinyl record +35 more Jazz! - general for sale - by owner - craigslist (2024)
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