Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (2024)

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Jesus Cruz, Lifelong Pokémon Fan

It all started in 2010 when Jesus was 10 years old. His dad gifted him a Nintendo DS and let him choose a game for it. A weird, enormous, and grey serpent caught my attention on the box art for Pokémon Platinum, and since that moment he's been hooked! He can only thank his 10 years old self for choosing the game that he loves the most in the series

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Table of Contents

  • Multiplayer
  • Walkthrough
  • Prologue
    • First Battle Against Your Rival
  • Rustboro City
    • First Gym Badge, Roxanne
    • Second Battle Against Your Rival
  • Dewford Town
    • Second Gym Badge, Brawly
  • Slateport City
    • Third Battle Against Your Rival
  • Mauville City
    • First Battle Against Wally
    • Third Gym Badge, Wattson
    • Mt. Chimney
    • Tabitha
    • Maxie
  • Lavaridge Town
    • Fourth Gym Badge, Flannery
  • Petalburg City
    • Fifth Gym Badge, Norman
    • Fourth Battle Against Your Rival
  • Fortree City
    • Sixth Gym Badge, Winona
  • Lilycove City
    • Fifth Battle Against Your Rival
    • Magma Hideout
      • Second Battle Against Maxie
    • Aqua Hideout
    • Matt
  • Mossdeep City
    • Seventh Gym Badge, Liza and Tate
    • Space Center
    • Seafloor Cavern
    • Archie
  • Sootopolis City
    • Last Gym Badge, Juan
  • Victory Road
    • Wally
  • Pokémon League
    • Sidney
    • Phoebe
    • Glacia
    • Drake
    • Wallace
  • FAQs
    • Question: Is Pokémon Quetzal Harder than Pokémon Emerald?
    • Question: How Long is Pokémon Quetzal?
    • Question: Can I Play Pokémon Quetzal Online with a Friend?
  • Pokemon Quetzal Guide: Conclusion

We all know and love Pokémon Emerald. It’s a beloved game within the Pokemon community and the base game that most HackROM creators use to create their Fangames.

Plus, it also brought Rayquaza to us, so it’s hard not to love for that reason alone. So it’s hardly surprising that someone decided to add all the quality-of-life improvements present in modern-day Pokemon entries to this classic GBA outing.

If GameFreak doesn’t want to do it, then why shouldn’t we, the fans, take it into our own hands?

That, in a nutshell, is how Pokémon Quetzal came to be, which is, in my opinion, the best Emerald-based fangame ever.

Pokémon Quetzal is a Fangame made by TenmaRH. This game doesn’t bring a new story with Fakemons and anything like that; it’s a revamp of Pokémon Emerald that adds a lot of new things and QoL improvements that make the game even cooler than already was. Let’s check all of these features, and start the Pokemon Quetzal guide.

What’s New?

  • Access to all the starters from Gen 1 to 9
  • DexNav available since the beginning of the adventure, which makes Shiny hunting way easier
  • All Pokémon from Gen 1 to 8 are free to catch, and all the routes are flooded with cool Pokémon you can see from the overworld
  • Mega Evolution and Z Moves
  • Integrated Exp. Share from the start
  • Access to play as all the protagonists of Gen 1 to 8, and others like N, a Rocket Grunt, a Magma Grunt, Professor Oak, Ash, and more!
  • New teams for every trainer in the game


Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (3)

Hands down, the best feature of this game is the Multiplayer. You can run two (or more) GBA emulators and link them through an emulated Link Cable, which means you can connect up to four instances of your preferred Emulator.

TenmaRH used this system to create a Multiplayer system that lets you battle against your friends, trade Pokémon with them, and, most importantly, have a co-op adventure with them.

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (4)

To have a successful co-op adventure with a friend, both should connect to the Multiplayer and play the game as usual. Every time there’s an important battle, one of the players has to Spectate the other player, and then, the one playing can engage in a battle.

As you do this, the game will ask all the spectating players if they want to jump into the battle. That’s how you can have a double battle with any NPC.

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (5)


So a little disclaimer before we begin. Aside from some minor changes, Pokemon Quetzal offers the exact same story as Pokemon Emerald, and for that reason, I won’t be delving deep into the narrative of this ROM.

If you want to experience that storyline in full, then you might want to check out our Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire guide, which essentially offers the same 3rd Gen storyline, minus a few Rayquaza-related details.


As you start a new game, you have three modes: Normal, Random, and Cheats. Random will randomize every Pokémon from the starters you can choose to the Pokémon your opponents will have, while Cheats lets you use cheat codes to beat the game. This guide is exclusively for the Normal mode.

After that, you can also choose the difficulty of the game. It ranks from Easiest to Hardest, and there’s also Default. Again, this guide is for the Default difficulty.

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (6)

You’ll first see Professor Birch introducing us to Pokémon and asking if you are a boy or girl. Afterward, go to Birch’s house, then move to the first route north of your house. Here, you’ll find Professor Birch, and he’ll let you choose your starter.

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (7)

I went with Fuecoco; it’s cool to use a new Pokémon in this adventure. Beat the Zigzagoon and continue with the adventure.

You have to go to meet your rival and beat them in a battle, and after that, with some Poké Balls at your disposal, and your Pokédex in hand, you can head to Petalburg City.

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (8)

First Battle Against Your Rival

The battle against your rival can be complicated if you don’t train a bit after the first battle. They’ll have Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Torchic at Lvl. 3.

After that, return to Littleroot to get your Pokédex. Now, you are free to go anywhere! The nearest place you can visit is Petalburg City, where your dad works as a Gym Leader.

Here, you’ll meet Wally, a green-haired kid who will be a rival on your adventure. Your dad will encourage you to take the Gym Challenge, so to get your first Gym Badge, you must go to Rustboro City.

To reach Rustboro City, you’ll have to go through Petalburg Forest. Aside from an event with a Team Aqua Grunt, there’s not much to do here, so let’s continue.

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (9)

Rustboro City

Welcome to Rustboro City! As you get there, and after exploring for a while, you should directly go to face Roxanne to claim your first Gym Badge.

But first, I recommend leveling your Pokémon to at least Level 14. In case you went for a Fire-type starter, then it’s better to grind it to Level 16.

First Gym Badge, Roxanne

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (10)

This is Roxanne’s Team:

  • Alolan Geodude (Rock/Electric), Lvl. 12
  • Aerodactyl (Rock/Flying), Lvl. 15
  • Rockruff (Rock), Lvl. 12

This battle is very tough if you don’t have any Water or Grass-type Pokémon. Nonetheless, you can find a great Grass-type Pokémon, Grookey, in Petalburg Forest. It can help you a lot in this battle.

Alternatively, you can opt for having an Applin, which you can evolve into Appletun through a Sweet Apple you get in Route 102. Appletun is extraordinarily chunky and can resist much damage, while it has access to Leech Seed, which will heal it.

Roxanne will start the battle with Alolan Geodude, which has Stealth Rocks, so try to defeat it quickly, or your Pokémon will receive damage whenever you switch them.

Things will be way easier if you have something to sleep, paralyze or poison Aerodactyl. If not, then go entirely offensive with Water or Electric-type moves.

As you win, the Devon’s worker you met in Petalburg Forest will lose his parcel (again), so you have to retrieve it. After this event, Devon Corp’s president will ask you to take this parcel to Slateport Town and a letter to Dewford Town.

That’s your next destination. You’ll get there by talking with Mr. Briney at his house west of Petalburg City.

Second Battle Against Your Rival

Before reaching Mr. Briney, you’ll have an optional battle against your rival. Here’s their team:

  • Silcoon (Bug), Lvl. 12
  • Squirtle (Water), Lvl. 13
  • Torchic (Fire), Lvl. 14
  • Bulbasaur (Grass/Poison), Lvl. 13

Not a hard battle; switch accordingly, and you’ll make it through them. Now, go to Mr. Briney’s house. I hope you don’t usually get seasick, as you’ll travel on a ship!

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (11)

Dewford Town

Welcome to Dewford Town! First, do the tasks on your checklist (giving the letter to Steven Stone), and then you can go for your Second Badge.

Second Gym Badge, Brawly

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (12)

I recommend having your Pokémon at Levels 16-18 for this battle. Also, Psychic and Flying-types will be highly appreciated. Let’s see Brawly’s team:

  • Scraggy (Fighting/Dark), Lvl. 16
  • Hawlucha (Fighting/Flying), Lvl. 16
  • Lucario (Fighting/Steel), Lvl. 19

Flying-type Pokémon are essential here. In my case, I went with Rookidee, but you can find Pokémon like Starly, Spearow, Pidgey, and Fletching out there. Talking about Fletching, Fire-types are also essential here because of Lucario.

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (13)

Slateport City

After winning and claiming your second Gym Badge, you’ll head to Slateport City, where you can buy Evolution Stones for those Pokémon you need to evolve manually.

There’s also a lot of Emerald story going on there, so, to keep things short, go to the museum, talk with Stern, beat some Team Aqua Grunts, and then head north. That route will lead you to the third Gym Badge.

Third Battle Against Your Rival

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (14)

It’s time for an infamous battle. If you know about Emerald, I’m sure you remember the battle against your rival on Route 110 when you are about to reach Mauville City. Well, let me tell you that this battle is way easier here. This is your rival’s team:

  • Beautifly (Bug/Flying), Lvl. 17
  • Eevee (Normal), Lvl. 17
  • Combusken (Fire/Fighting), Lvl. 19
  • Squirtle (Water), Lvl. 18
  • Bulbasaur (Grass/Poison), Lvl. 18

The most troublesome Pokémon of this battle is Combusken, but it is weak against Flying-type moves, so that’s a very reliable option. The rest of them are easy to take down. Continue as usual through Route 110, and you’ll hit Mauville City.

Mauville City

Welcome to Mauville City! There are plenty of things to do here, like getting a Bike or spending time in the casino. Make sure you visit every place before continuing. Then, go to the Gym to claim your third Gym Badge.

First Battle Against Wally

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (15)

You have to face Wally, who’s in front of the Gym, trying to enter. He’ll have the following team:

  • Budew (Grass), Lvl. 17
  • Gible (Dragon), Lvl. 18
  • Magnemite (Electric/Steel), Lvl. 18
  • Azurill (Normal/Fairy), Lvl. 17
  • Fletchling (Normal/Flying), Lvl. 17
  • Ralts (Psychic/Fairy), Lvl. 19

Wally isn’t a problem right now, even though he has a full team (why, man, chill out!). I can only recommend getting a Pokémon or a reliable Fairy-type move to deal with that Gible. It can be a nightmare onwards!

After totally thumping Wally’s team, he’ll return to his house, totally disappointed in himself. Now, you can challenge Wattson to claim your third Gym Badge. Let’s go!

Third Gym Badge, Wattson

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (16)

Wattson is an Electric-type master, so Ground-types are an excellent way to defeat his team.

Nonetheless, the access to those Pokémon are minimal (unless you chose Mudkip as your starter or you caught a Diglett on Rusturf Tunnel), so you’ll have to improvise and rely on Grass-types, as they resist Electric-type moves.

This is Wattson’s team:

  • Luxio (Electric), Lvl. 20
  • Rotom Wash (Electric/Water), Lvl. 22
  • Mega Manectric (Electric), Lvl. 24
  • Emolga (Electric/Flying), Lvl. 20

This is a tough battle, primarily because of Mega Manectric. Sleeping, burning, or poisoning is necessary if you don’t have a Ground-type Pokémon to help you.

Alternatively, you can also try to decrease its Defenses with moves like Growl or Screech.

Rotom Wash can confuse your Pokémon, so be careful with that. Also, Luxio is a bit annoying as it has Charge, and if your active Pokémon is weak against Special moves, Luxio will definitely take it down with a single hit.

After winning the battle, Wattson will reward you with the Dynamo Badge, and you’ll receive your first Mega Stone, exactly, the Manectite, so if you have a Manectric, this is your lucky day! Time to go north.

You can freely use Rock Smash outside battle even though you didn’t receive anything. The guy who should give you the Rock Smash HM will give you an Upgrade, which works to evolve Electabuzz into Electivire.

Next destination: Meteor Falls. There’s someone in Fallarbor Town who needs your help.

Fallarbor Town & Meteor Falls

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (17)

As you get to Fallarbor Town, you’ll have to head to Meteor Falls to rescue someone named Professor Cozmo (That’s not a tree! You aren’t a real Professor!).

You’ll get to Meteor Falls from Fallarbor by going through the west and then south. As you get there and go through a total of zero battle action, you can head south through the caves. This long walk will take you to Rustboro City.

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (18)

Then, move to Rusturf Tunnel to finally reach a new place, Verdanturf Town. Sadly, you’ll only be here for a while, as you have to continue. Head east so you’ll return to Mauville City, and it’s finally time to get to Mt. Chimney!

Mt. Chimney

Welcome to Mt. Chimney! There’s little time to talk as Team Magma raided it, so let’s get straight into action.


Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (19)

There are a couple of essential battles here. The first one is against Magma Admin Tabitha. This is her team:

  • Houndour (Fire/Dark), Lvl. 18
  • Torkoal (Fire), Lvl. 20
  • Poochyena (Dark), Lvl. 20
  • Zubat (Flying/Poison), Lvl. 22

The only problem here can be Torkoal, but you can take it down by sleeping or poisoning it.

Zubat has Supersonic and can confuse your Pokémon. Other than that, this should be an easy battle. There’s no time to heal yourself; you must fight against Team Magma’s leader, Maxie.


Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (20)

This is Maxie’s team:

  • Mightyena (Dark), Lvl. 24
  • Mega Camerupt (Fire/Ground), Lvl. 25
  • Golbat (Poison/Flying), Lvl. 24

For the Mega Camerupt, you can try to sleep it. Starters like Fuecoco or Pokémon like Munchlax can learn Yawn. Also, any move that can decrease its defenses will be beneficial. This is in case you don’t have any Water-type on your team, which was my case.

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (21)

After defeating Maxie, you can freely leave Mt. Chimney. Go through the Jagged Pass to get to Lavaridge Town.

Lavaridge Town

Welcome to Lavaridge Town! At this point, you should be able to face Flannery as you arrive. Alternatively, you can get in the thermal springs alongside the old ladies! Now that I think about it, Flannery sounds like a better plan, so let’s get into it:

Fourth Gym Badge, Flannery

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (22)

Flannery is a Fire-type trainer, meaning Water, Ground and Rock-type moves will be great here. This is her team:

  • Torkoal (Fire), Lvl. 24
  • Fletchinder (Fire/Flying), Lvl. 24
  • Pignite (Fire/Fighting), Lvl. 26
  • Mega Houndoom (Fire/Dark), Lvl. 29

The problem with having a Water-type in this battle is that Torkoal has Drought as its ability, which sets a harsh sunlight that decreases the damage of Water-type moves. That’s why Ground-type moves are great for defeating Torkoal.

Mega Houndoom is not as strong as Mega Camerupt, so it’ll be way easier to defeat. Special moves or Fighting-type moves are great against it. I went for Toxic as well, and it worked wonders!

As you win, May will appear, giving you the Go-Goggles that will let you cross through the desert at Route 111. But that’s not your next destination, as the next Gym Badge lies in the hands of your father. Time to travel to Petalburg City!

Petalburg City

Welcome, once again, to Petalburg City! Let’s get straight into business:

Fifth Gym Badge, Norman

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (23)

Norman, as his name indicates, is a master at Normal-type Pokémon. Their attacks are useless against Steel and Rock-type Pokémon, and Fighting-type Pokémon are strong against them!

This is his team:

  • Swellow (Normal/Flying), Lvl. 27
  • Obstagoon (Normal/Dark), Lvl. 29
  • Staraptor (Normal/Flying), Lvl. 27
  • Mega Kangaskhan (Normal), Lvl. 31

Obstagoon is a real problem if you don’t have Fighting-types. It’ll use Hone Claws a couple of times, which will seriously increase its attack. I used Yawn to sleep it down then I went with my strongest attack.

I did the same with Mega Kangaskhan. That’s the best strategy against those mighty Pokémon when you don’t have any effective move to take them down.

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (24)

Congrats on getting your fifth Gym Badge, but this isn’t a good time to slow down the pace. Now that you can surf, it’s time to head to Fortree City. But first, Team Aqua will get back on track; this time, they are serious.

To get to Fortree City, you must go east from Mauville and head north. Eventually, you’ll reach the Weather Institute, where you’ll have to defeat some Team Aqua grunts. After that, keep travelling east, and you’ll reach Fortree City.

Fourth Battle Against Your Rival

Heal your Pokémon shortly after defeating Team Aqua, as your rival will appear and wants to see if you got stronger. Time to demonstrate your force! This is their team:

  • Beautifly (Bug/Flying), Lvl. 28
  • Wartortle (Water), Lvl. 29
  • Munchlax (Normal), Lvl. 28
  • Eevee (Normal), Lvl. 29
  • Ivysaur (Grass/Poison), Lvl. 29
  • Combusken (Fire/Fighting), Lvl. 30

Munchlax is stupidly annoying just because it has Body Slam. I’m sure the odds were against me, as it paralyzed half of my team. Fighting-types can take it down, but be aware that even if it’s not a full Snorlax, it’ll handle a couple of hits.

Combusken is also problematic; if you let it be in the field, it’ll get so fast (thanks to Speed Boost, its ability) that you’ll never be able to hit it. As soon as you see your rival switching to it, send a Flying-type Pokémon and land a solid hit on it.

Fortree City

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (25)

Welcome to Fortree City, the only place where elevators don’t seem to exist! I recommend exploring every house here as there are good things, like a kid who wants to trade her Kangaskhan for a Kecleon. Great deal if you ask me!

Talking about Kecleon, you can’t go to the Gym yet, as there’s an unseeable thing blocking the path. As the only exciting thing here is blocked, it’s time to continue. Go to the east to reach Route 120, where you’ll find Steven.

He’ll give you a Devon Scope to see all the Kecleons blocking paths, which means you can finally access the Gym.

Sixth Gym Badge, Winona

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (26)

Winona is a Flying-type master; Ice and Electric-type moves seriously hurt her Pokémon. Rock-type moves also do a lot against her. This is Winona’s team:

  • Oricorio (Flying/Fire), Lvl. 29
  • Gliscor (Flying/Ground), Lvl. 30
  • Togekiss (Flying/Fairy), Lvl. 29
  • Corviknight (Flying/Steel), Lvl. 31
  • Mega Pidgeot (Flying/Normal), Lvl. 33

Oricorio has Teeter Dance, which confuses your Pokémon. Nonetheless, it is more of a pest than a real problem. It’s also very fast, so getting confused is almost inescapable. Other than that, it won’t do much.

Togekiss is an absolute unit, so go for your strongest Physical move against it. Steel-type moves do a lot as well. Corviknight will melt under the flames of a Fire-type move, and Gliscor is 4x weak to Ice-type moves.

Lastly, Mega Pidgeot. If you are playing without Megas, a good strategy can be making it hit the bed. Then, go with your strongest attack. Toxic also works here!

This battle isn’t much of a problem, mainly because the Exp. Share keeps your team leveled up, but things will get intense from now on.

The next Gym is at Mossdeep City, and it’s infamous, but first, you’ll have to go through many events. First, head to Mt. Pyre. You’ll get there through Route 121. After that, you can now travel to Lilycove City.

Lilycove City

Welcome to Lilycove City! There’s not much to do here, but your rival is waiting for you, which means battle time!

Fifth Battle Against Your Rival

Your rival is going for revenge after what happened in the Weather Institute. This is their team:

  • Beautifly (Bug/Flying), Lvl. 32
  • Ivysaur (Grass/Poison), Lvl. 32
  • Wartortle (Water), Lvl. 33
  • Glaceon (Ice), Lvl. 32
  • Munchlax (Normal), Lvl. 32
  • Mega Blaziken (Fire/Fighting), Lvl. 34

Now, your rival has a Mega Blaziken. As always, it has Speed Boost as its ability, so it’ll get faster on every turn. It also mixes its ability with Flame Charge, so it’s important to take it down before it gets problematic.

Water, Ground, or Flying-type moves will work against it, but you’ll need a chunky Pokémon to handle its hits.

After winning once again, you can continue with the story. Return to Mt. Chimney (You can Teleport to Lavaridge Town by going to the Menu, Misc, then Teleport), as Team Magma is wreaking havoc there. Go to the top, then move to the Jagged Pass to access the inside of Mt. Chimney.

Magma Hideout

Second Battle Against Maxie

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (27)

Groudon lies deep inside the Magma Hideout, and Maxie wants to wake it up. As Maxie uses the Blue Orb, Groudon awakes and runs away, making Maxie very angry, so he wants to fight against you. This is his team:

  • Mightyena (Dark), Lvl. 37
  • Crobat (Flying/Poison), Lvl. 38
  • Mega Camerupt (Fire/Ground), Lvl. 39

We already know Mega Camerupt; It’ll Mega Evolve and then use Curse to increase its Defense and Attack. Go with your strongest shot as soon as possible. I finally had my Water-type at this point, so it was easy to take down through Surf.

Mightyena has Taunt and Embargo, forcing you only to use damaging moves. It’s a bit of an annoyance but not a big problem. Lastly, Crobat. It’s speedy and can poison your Pokémon through Poison Fangs, so be careful.

As you win, your next destination is Slateport City. Here, go to the harbor. You’ll see how Archie steals a submarine as they found where Kyogre is. Now, return to Lilycove City. You have to raid the Aqua Hideout.

Aqua Hideout

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (28)


The Hideout is a lair full of teleport pads, but it’s easy to navigate through it. As you get to the harbor, you’ll see Admin Matt guarding the place. Time to battle against him:

  • Croconaw (Water), Lvl. 34
  • Frogadier (Water), Lvl. 34

After winning, you’ll see how the submarine sails, leaving you behind once again. But wait, don’t leave the hideout yet; you can find the Master Ball here.

To do it, reach the Teleport Pad shown in the picture and then make your way to the bottom of the next room. As you get there, use the left Teleport Pad, and you’ll get to Archie’s office. Here’s where you can find the Master Ball.

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (29)

With nothing else to do in Lilycove City, it’s time to depart to Mossdeep City. Get out of the Hideout and head east.

Mossdeep City

Welcome to Mossdeep City! Home of absolutely nothing aside from your next Gym Challenge, which is against Liza and Tate. Let’s get straight into business!

Seventh Gym Badge, Liza and Tate

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (30)

These creepy twins are Psychic-type masters, which means Dark, Bug, and Ghost-type moves will have the upper hand against them. This is their team:

  • Bronzong (Psychic/Steel), Lvl. 41
  • Indeedee (Psychic/Normal), Lvl. 41
  • Mega Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy), Lvl. 42
  • Alakazam (Psychic), Lvl. 42

The battle starts with Indeedee and Bronzong. Both support each other, as Indeedee has Aromatherapy, which heals any Status Change, and Calm Mind, which makes it bulkier.

On the other side, Bronzong has Safeguard, which prevents the whole team from getting their Status changed for five turns, so you can’t poison, burn, or sleep anyone for a while.

Focusing on Bronzong is a good idea if you are prone to using Status Changes; otherwise, you should take Indeedee down because you don’t want any Psychic-type getting buffed through Calm Mind in the field.

Mega Gardevoir has Future Sight, Calm Mind, and Psychic, so it’s obvious you have to focus on taking it down as soon as it hits the field. I managed to one-hit KO it with Corviknight’s Steel Wing, and considering Corviknight isn’t the best attacker ever, you can get rid of it with a strong Steel-type attacker.

The same goes for Alakazam, which has Calm Mind and won’t hesitate to spam it if needed. It’s not the best physical defender ever so you can sweep it with almost anything.

In reality, these two little kids don’t use a paired strategy; both spam Calm Mind and that’s pretty much it. My tip here is to go full offensive against them.

As you win, there’s only a Gym between you and the Pokémon League. But Team Magma is back at it again, and they are angry because of Groudon abruptly leaving Mt. Chimney. Head to the Space Center; it’s east of Mossdeep.

Space Center

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (31)

Steven arrives to try to stop Team Magma, but he needs your help, as Maxie and Tabitha are willing to fight to steal the rocket fuel and blow Mt. Chimney up. This is Maxie and Tabitha’s team:

  • Torkoal (Fire), Lvl. 38
  • Mightyena (Dark), Lvl. 42
  • Mightyena (Dark), Lvl. 40
  • Crobat (Poison/Flying), Lvl. 43
  • Crobat (Poison/Flying), Lvl. 42
  • Mega Camerupt, (Fire/Ground) Lvl. 44

The battle starts with Torkoal, which will spam Protect, and Mightyena, which will do the same with Taunt.

Sadly, Steven starts the battle with Metang, who will die from a Flamethrower from Torkoal. Not the most helpful teammate ever, as it seems. Focus on Torkoal so it doesn’t take Steven’s Pokémon out of combat. Then, you can go for Mightyena.

Crobat has Venoshock, and it’s very fast, so it’ll land a hit on any of your Pokémon. Electric-type moves will trounce it, and thankfully, Steven’s Aggron has Thunder, so it can be helpful this time. Then, there’s another Mightyena, but again, it’s easy to defeat.

There’s not much to say about that Mega Camerupt; Water-type moves will do the job thanks to its 4x weakness to it. Just be careful not to kill any of Steven’s Pokémon with a Surf.

After winning, Team Magma will retreat, and you can continue. The next stop is the Seafloor Cavern.

Everything is set and done for you to stop Team Aqua once and for all. From Mossdeep, go south until you reach Route 127, which leads to Route 128. Dive there, and eventually, you’ll reach the Seafloor Cavern.

Seafloor Cavern

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (32)

The Seafloor Cavern is a labyrinthic zone with many Strength boulders, and it’s flooded with Aqua Grunts.

Nonetheless, it’s not hard to explore it. If you continue, you’ll get to a room with water currents and two main rooms. There, you’ll find Shelly, a Team Aqua admin, and a Grunt. Both want to fight. This is their team:

  • Grapploct (Fighting), Lvl. 37
  • Aquaranid (Water/Bug), Lvl. 35
  • Crabominable (Fighting/Ice), Lvl. 37
  • Golisopod (Bug/Water), Lvl. 35


Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (33)

After this battle, you’ll get access to the room where Kyogre is resting. Archie is also here, and he’s tired of you messing around. It’s time to battle!

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (34)

This is Archie’s team:

  • Mightyena (Dark), Lvl. 41
  • Muk (Poison), Lvl. 41
  • Mega Sharpedo (Water/Dark), Lvl. 43
  • Crobat (Poison/Flying), Lvl. 41

Mighyena is not a problem; it has Crunch, and that’s it. It’s fast, but it’s easy to resist its shots.

Problems arise when Archie uses Muk. It’s chunky and has Sludge Wave and Gunk Shot, two potent Poison-type moves. Ground-type moves are helpful, and Steel-types are immune to Poison-types.

The thing with Mega Sharpedo is that it’s speedy and hits hard, but it’ll be dead if you manage to land a hit on it. Go for a chunky Pokémon you know will resist much damage, and then go with your strongest shot. Lastly, Crobat.

Again, a fast and potent Pokémon, but it’ll fall if it gets hit. Also, Crobat only has Poison Fangs as its damaging move, so if you use a Steel-type, it’ll spam Haze, as it has nothing to damage your Pokémon.

As you win, Kyogre will run away and unleash a torrential downpour. Groudon and Kyogre are now fighting, and nothing can stop them. At least not yet. Steven will appear shortly after that and ask you to go to Sootopolis.

That’s your next destination. Sootopolis is near the Seafloor Cavern; you just have to go to Route 127 and dive there until you find an opening.

Sootopolis City

As you arrive at Sootopolis, Steven will appear, and you’ll meet Wallace, the former Sootopolis Gym Leader.

A conversation with him about Rayquaza will take you to the Sky Pillar, so it’s time to get out of Sootopolis City and travel to the south. As you get to Route 128, go to the west, and you’ll get to the Sky Pillar.

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (35)

Inside, you’ll wake Rayquaza. Now, fly back to Sootopolis, where you’ll see a life-changing (at least for me) cinematic of Rayquaza restoring the peace between Groudon and Kyogre. Finally, welcome to Sootopolis City!

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (36)

This is a great moment to explore the place and challenge the Gym Leader, Juan.

Last Gym Badge, Juan

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (37)

Juan was the one who taught Wallace all he knew about battles, so you must know this isn’t an easy battle. Juan is a Water-type master, so Grass and Electric-type moves will be excellent here.

This is Juan’s team:

  • Golisopod (Water/Bug), Lvl. 41
  • Milotic (Water), Lvl. 43
  • Mega Blastoise (Water), Lvl. 46
  • Gastrodon (Water/Ground), Lvl. 41
  • Jellicent (Water/Ghost), Lvl. 43

The battle starts with Golisopod, so lead your team with an Electric or Flying-type rather than a Grass-type. Golisopod is easy to take down, but if you leave it with less than half of its HP, it’ll use its ability, Emergency Exit, to run away.

Mega Blastoise is not a big problem if Juan uses it in the battle’s early stages. As an example, I forced Juan to use it as I used my Electric-type user against Golisopod. As soon as that happened, defeating Blastoise was easy.

Then, Milotic, which is always a nightmare. It has Safeguard, so you can’t send it to sleep or poison it, which means you’ll have to go entirely offensive against it.

Gastrodon will use Rain Dance as soon as possible, so I recommend switching to a Grass-type and defeating it with a single hit. It’s not a major problem if you don’t manage to avoid getting Rain Dance’d, but it’s ideal to avoid Juan getting an advantage.

Gastrodon also has Muddy Water, and it hits hard. Jellicent does the same as Gastrodon, as it also has Rain Dance.

Other than that, it’s not a big menace. You’ll get the Rain Badge as you win and can freely continue your adventure. It’s time to face the infamous Victory Road, the last step before the Pokémon League.

Victory Road

Crossing the Victory Road isn’t a simple task. I won’t be covering anything related to the puzzles as there aren’t any changes compared to Emerald, but I have something to point out here: Wally is seeking revenge.


Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (38)

This is Wally’s team:

  • Roserade (Grass/Poison), Lvl. 43
  • Magnezone (Electric/Steel), Lvl. 44
  • Talonflame (Flying/Fire), Lvl. 43
  • Azumarill (Water/Fairy), Lvl. 43
  • Garchomp (Dragon/Ground), Lvl. 44
  • Mega Gallade (Psychic/Fighting), Lvl. 45

Magnezone has a move named Discharge, and this move can paralyze, so even if Magnezone is very slow, it can get the upper hand against your Pokémon.

Ground-types are good against Magnezone as you can avoid getting paralyzed; the thing is that it has Levitate as its ability, making it immune to Ground-type moves. Try with your best shot, and you’ll take it down.

Roserade has Giga Drain and Sweet Scent, so it’ll always land a hit on you. It’s defensively weak, but Wally is prone to switching constantly. The best thing to do is switch as well, blocking any advantage Wally wants to get.

Talonflame is not a big issue if you have Electric-type moves. Water can also damage it as well. It has Razor Wind, a two-turn move like Hyper Beam, but it’s Physical and hits hard.

It’s a Normal-type move, so if you know you can’t defeat it, you can consider switching to a Ghost-type Pokémon to avoid getting damaged. You can’t do much against Azumarill if you try to hit it with Steel-type moves.

It’s better if you go for an Electric-type move. Also, it’s very chunky and will do Rain Dance in its first turn. Try to go for Special moves instead of Physical moves to defeat it.

I always say you shouldn’t be afraid of facing a Garchomp. It’s 4x weak to Ice-type moves and can’t do much against Fairy-types. Those two tools should be enough to take it down.

It also has Dig, so you can switch to a Flying-type to avoid getting hit. Lastly, Gallade. Flying-types will seriously damage it even if it’s Mega Evolved. Alternatively, Ghost and Fairy-type moves will take it down.

Pokémon League

The Pokémon League awaits you at the end of Victory Road. It was an arduous path, but you are finally here.

You’ll face your last five opponents; the glory will be yours after them. I must say that all of these Pokémon don’t have a fixed Level; instead, they’ll adjust at your team’s current Level.

Nonetheless, I recommend training your team up to Levels 55-57. Things will be easier like that.


Sidney is a Dark-type master. This is his team:

  • Bisharp (Dark/Steel)
  • Tyranitar (Dark/Rock)
  • Krookodile (Dark/Ground)
  • Mega Absol (Dark)
  • Alolan Muk (Dark/Poison)
  • Mandibuzz (Dark/Flying)

Bisharp is Sidney’s lead, so you might want to start the battle with a Fighting-type user. Bisharp is 4x weak to Fighting-type moves, so it’ll be easy to take it down. A good Fire-type move takes it down as well.

Next is Tyranitar, which is Sidney’s strongest Pokémon. It’s also 4x weak to Fighting-type moves, but it has an extraordinary Defense which will make it resist a hit before falling.

If you don’t have a Fighting-type Pokémon, go with your bulkiest Pokémon, as Tyranitar has Thrash, and it’s powerful.

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (39)

Next up is Krookodile. It has Dig and Sandstorm, which is helpful for Tyranitar and Krookodile to keep landing powerful shots. Water-types are a great way to take it down. Grass-types also do the work.

Mega Absol is not a problem. It has nothing to deal with Fairy-types. Alolan Muk isn’t a problem either; Ground-types are strong against it. Muk has Screech, which decreases your Defenses; be careful and switch accordingly.

The last Pokémon in line is Mandibuzz. It can’t deal with Electric-types, so it’s easy to beat. Rock-types also do a lot against it.


Phoebe dominates Ghost-type Pokémon. This is her team:

  • Mimikyu (Ghost/Fairy)
  • Chandelure (Ghost/Fire)
  • Gengar (Ghost/Poison)
  • Mega Sableye (Ghost/Dark)
  • Dusclops (Ghost)
  • Aegislash (Ghost/Steel)

Phoebe will start the match with a Mimikyu, so starting the battle with a Poison-type user is a great idea. However, Mimikyu has an ability that protects it from the first damaging move it receives.

It is like a decoy that you must break in the first turn before starting to damage it! Mimikyu has Hone Claws, so it’ll raise its Attack, but it’s weak after you break its decoy.

After that, Gengar is not a big issue; you can take it down with an Earthquake. Nonetheless, it has a move named Destiny Bond, which will automatically defeat your Pokémon if you defeat Gengar in the same turn Gengar used it.

It’s hard to avoid, so instead of doing weird switches and tricks, let your Pokémon faint, and you revive it later.

Chandelure is Phoebe’s most annoying Pokémon, as it has Confuse Ray and Flame Burst. It hits hard and doesn’t let you hit it. To counter the Confuse Ray, you can equip your Pokémon with a Persim Berry. You should have a lot of them if you collect berries out there.

Time to talk about Mega Sableye. It’s very chunky, but it won’t seriously hurt any of your Pokémon unless it uses an effective move. Fairy-types are good, and you can alternatively opt for your strongest move.

Mega Sableye has an ability named Magic Bounce, preventing it from getting its Status changed. So, you can’t poison, sleep, or paralyze it. You can’t decrease any stats from it as well. It’ll be all about you being offensive against it.

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (40)

Lastly, Dusclops and Aegislash aren’t much of a problem. Dusclops is weak against Ghost and Dark-type moves, and Aegislash can’t stand a couple of Firethrowers.


Glacia is an expert on Ice-type Pokémon, and this is her team:

  • Alolan Ninetales (Ice/Fairy)
  • Mamoswine (Ice/Ground)
  • Mega Glalie (Ice)
  • Froslass (Ice/Ghost)
  • Weavile (Ice/Dark)
  • Cloyster (Ice/Water)

Glacia leads her team with Alolan Ninetales, which is 4x weak to Steel-type moves. Lead your team with a Steel-type, and you’ll take it down easily. It’ll activate a snowstorm in the field, so be careful with the hail.

Fun fact, Ninetales has Tackle and will only use it if it doesn’t have a chance to hit your Pokémon. It’s obvious Ninetales leads her team only to set Hail.

Mamoswine looks like a titanic beast, but, in reality, it’s weak to Fire, Water, and Grass-type moves. I took it down by hitting it with Water, then switching, so I could control which moves it would use to avoid it defeating my Pokémon.

I used the same strategy with Mega Glalie, but in this case, I also burned it, which reduced its Attack to half.

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (41)

Froslass hits hard, but it has a lousy Defense, so you can take it down with almost any effective move. The same goes with Weavile, but in this case, it is way easier to take down as it is 4x weak to Fighting-type moves.

Lastly, Cloyster. Electric-type moves will do the job easily. It’s not a real menace; it’s her weakest Pokémon.


Time to face Drake, the Dragon-type master. This is his team:

  • Dragonite (Dragon/Flying)
  • Dragalge (Dragon/Poison)
  • Hydreigon (Dragon/Dark)
  • Dragapult (Dragon/Ghost)
  • Garchomp (Dragon/Ground)
  • Mega Salamence (Dragon/Flying)

Drake leads the battle with Dragonite. The best way to take a Dragonite down is by sleeping, burning, poisoning, or decreasing its Defenses. Then, you can go for an Ice-type move, as it is 4x weak to them.

Dragonite is very bulky; that’s why an Ice-type move isn’t usually enough. The same goes for his Mega Salamence.

Dragalge is susceptible to Ground-type moves. Ice-types are also effective against it, but be careful if you want to use a Fairy-type, as Poison beats Fairy-types easily. It can poison your Pokémon with its ability, Poison Touch.

Next up is Hydreigon, which is 4x weak to Fairy-types. It’s very easy to take it down with a single Dazzling Gleam. If you don’t defeat it, it’ll use Work Up, which will get its Attack and Special Attack up.

The same goes for Dragapult; it’s very offensive, but it’ll have a bad time trying to hang on the field after a strong Fairy-type attack. Lastly, Garchomp. As I said early, there’s nothing a well-landed Ice Beam can’t do for you. Don’t be afraid and go full offensive against it.


Surprise! Wallace is the Champion! Wallace has something special, as he’s one of the few Champions who specializes in a specific type instead of having a mixed team. In his case, he’s a master at Water-type Pokémon, and this is his team:

  • Politoed (Water)
  • Mega Swampert (Water/Ground)
  • Kingdra (Water/Dragon)
  • Dracovish (Water/Dragon)
  • Greninja (Water/Dark)
  • Ludicolo (Water/Grass)

Politoed has Bounce, and it has the chance of paralyzing your Pokémon. Other than that, it’s weak and can’t do much.

He’s the lead only to set Rain, exactly like Glacia’s Ninetales. Don’t be afraid of Mega Swampert; it’s 4x weak to Grass-type moves, and it’s pretty slow, so you have a lot of chances of defeating it in a single turn. Next up is Kingdra, which is vulnerable to Fairy-type moves.

That’s the only good way to attack it, as Ice-type moves won’t do much, Electric-types will do neutral damage, and if you bring a Dragon to the battle, Kingdra can quickly sweep it.

The same goes for Dracovish, but in this case, Dracovish has Crunch, so if you have a Gardevoir, be careful. Ludicolo isn’t a problem either; Flying-type moves will destroy it easily.

Next up is Greninja. This guy is speedy and hits strongly, but it has rather bad Defenses. It’ll also start spamming Double Team, making it almost impossible to land a hit on it.

Try to bring a Pokémon that can sleep or paralyze it, and then you can freely deal with it. If it defeats one of your Pokémon, it’ll become Ash-Greninja, which has improved stats and can do much more damage.

There’s not much to do if you get to the point where it used a lot of Double Team, and it already got transformed into Ash-Greninja. Your options are limited to trying to land a hit on it; if you have enough luck to hit it after a lot of Double Teams, at least make it count!

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (42)


Question: Is Pokémon Quetzal Harder than Pokémon Emerald?

Answer: I don’t think so, or at least not if we compare Pokémon Emerald with Pokémon Quetzal’s standard difficulty.

You have a lot of tools since the beginning, and the game helps you to find and use all the Pokémon you want, which are things Pokémon Emerald doesn’t have.

Question: How Long is Pokémon Quetzal?

Answer: Considering that Level grinding here isn’t complicated because of the new Wild Pokémon system, I would say it can take around 10 hours to beat the game!

Question: Can I Play Pokémon Quetzal Online with a Friend?

Answer: I tried to play with a friend through programs like Parsec or Hamachi, but we didn’t manage to do it.

So, there are two options; you can play through Android Emulators, as long as both players are connected to the same WiFi, or you can play on the same computer if you open two instances of the game at the same time and configure the Emulators so one of them use the keyboard and the other one use a controller.

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: Conclusion

Congratulations, you are now the Champion of Hoenn! It’s always pleasing to beat an Emerald-related game, mainly because they are difficult. This one, in particular, has its moments; I got stuck in the League for a while, and Maxie’s Mega Camerupt was torturous. Other than that, the game is delightful!

There’s a lot of improvement, but these are mostly minor changes; small things like dialogues or some tiny visual bugs are still there and feel out of place, yet, it doesn’t ruin the experience.

The DexNav is excellent, You can catch all the Pokémon in the game, and there are plenty of Legendary events out there; it has a very long Post-game, and most importantly, you can beat the game with a friend.

I hope you enjoyed this game as much as I did! Here’s a pic of my team, just for posterity’s sake!

Pokemon Quetzal Guide: The Emerald Adventure, Revamped - Pok Universe (2024)
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